A Short History of the club

The Costa Blanca Computer Club was started in the Spring of 1983 by Ed Kelly, a retired US officer interested in the machines. It was in the days that very small computers became so cheap that they could be bought by people with normal incomes. From the very beginning the club had the dual purpose of helping the members to increase their knowledge about computers and promoting general interest in the use of computers.

According to our byelaws the club is not permitted to have any commercial purposes, precisely to enable us to assist members with unbiased help and advice. Due to Ed's energy and charisma things got moving at once - our first regular meeting was held in Benidorm's Hotel Poseidon less than two weeks after the founding of the club, with the members in proud possession of one ZX80, 2 ZX81, 1 VIC-20 and 1 Sharp 700. Our collective amount of RAM was less than a quart percent of the RAM of the most basic PC sold today. Eventually members upgraded first to Commodore 64 and Spectrum computers, then Amstrads and the first MS-DOS computers with a monumental memory of 640 Kilobytes - more than anyone could decently have any use for! However it was soon demonstrated that sloppy programmers and excessively complicated operational systems and graphical user interfaces ate up all this memory, and screamed for more.

So the members, dutifully, bought ever bigger computers to run ever heavier programs - a process that never seems to end. As computers got more powerful it also became crystal clear that the bugs causing errors and crashes also increased in size and nastiness. If that wasn't enough some infamous programmers found it the best joke their tiny brains could imagine to write computer virus programs, some of which can wipe out the work of years from your hard disk. So the club thrived because users still needed information to avoid problems and help when these nevertheless raise their ugly heads. In the last years the number of members has stabilized around 100, the overwhelming majority PC users, but also a small band of dedicated users of the Atari ST platform.

After years of hard work for the club serious illness forced Ed to retire in 1990, but at that time it was clear that the club had come to stay for an indefinite period. Computers which can accelerate so many arduous and tedious types of work continues to cause unexpected problems for their users. As long as this continues the club will fulfil a need.

Victor Waldorff




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WEEKLY NEWS FROM CBN Friday 09/04/2009
How to find us

There will be no meeting in the club on Saturday, 11 April, due to the
Easter holiday. Our next meeting is planned for Saturday 18 April, with
doors open from 10:00 am.

The first session talks start at 10:30. Doromy demonstrates “Windows
Vista” for beginners, John continues his series of talks about “Windows
XP” and “Vista” for more experienced users. Roger continues with the PC
Graphics group, and Megan takes care of the Laptop Group.

Also from 10:30 to the end of the meeting we have two computers
connected to use the school's fast broadband connection for browsing or
downloading larger files. These are for members without web connection
or with a slow dial-up connection. Just bring your flash memory stick or
a CD-W disk to store the files. (The PC's have CD writers installed).

The talks and demonstrations will last until about 11:30, and from 11:45
the club will host the informal party that we usually have immediately
after the end of our AGM. So all members of the club are cordially
invited to attend on the 18 April. Light refreshments and snacks will be

Our AGM on 28 March was attended by about 40 members, well over half the
72 paid up members of the club. The Minutes of the meeting have been
posted on the bulletin board and can be seen on our web page.

For members with little experience with PC's Doromy will start an
intensive course on 25 April, covering the most important features of
"MS Word" and the use of Internet during the first sessions, and during
the second session demonstrate the other "MS Office" programs - "Power
Point" Presentations, "Excel" spreadsheets, "Access" databases and "MS
Paint", the drawing program.
The course will run over four Saturdays, from 25 April and the detailed
program is posted on our bulletin board.

For information about us call me on 965 88 91 87 or

Club Secretary Duncan Allan on 966 87 51 49.

Victor Waldorff


We meet on the first floor of the Sierra Bernia School in Avenida Sant Rafael 8, Alfaz del Pi, some 7 kilometres north of Benidorm. To get to the school from Alfaz village, take the road inland to La Nucia and turn left into Avenida Sant Rafael in the big roundabout, just after passing the bridge crossing the motorway. The school, clearly marked, is on your right, about 100 meters on.

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Sierra Bernia School